Hotel Piccola Vela

Hotel Piccola Vela Desenzano del Garda
欢迎来到 酒店楼层都德山札诺德盖达. Hotel Piccola Vela becomes one's private residence... 传统的德山札诺德盖达的心脏右活得比并在善良标志着一个熟悉的接待, the hotel becomes one's private residence. Every room catches one's glance full of admiration. 沉浸在olivetrees的一个公园的气氛, one's heart can find peace and enjoy tranquillity: only reflections of water in the beautiful swimming-pool can momentarily bring a dream back to reality... 和一生的时刻,在优雅的餐厅里度过,就好像它是一个私人住宅. 和加尔达湖的秘密值,并将这些人民, its wines and its olive-oils are reborn and shine today as they did yesterday and so forth for all eternity...and you feel at home. 旁边的湖, 常年开放, 酒店楼层都设有私人车库, 停车场, 会议室的座位 25/30 人. (酒店楼层都德山札诺德盖达酒店).
Hotel Piccola Vela
Via T. Dal Molin 36
25015 BS - 意大利
联系电话. +39-030.9914666