加尔达湖是指美丽的日落, 令人惊叹的美景, 柏树, 柠檬和橄榄树, 九重葛和山脉反映在碧波. It is like a lovely dream that becomes a reality and it is the perfect setting for a 浪漫的婚礼. Lake Garda offers so many wonderful location possibilities that it will be difficult to choose! From medieval villages and castles to boat trips on the lake for the newlyweds and their guests…加尔达湖上有婚庆机构是能够引导那些情侣们决定,以庆祝他们的婚礼上加尔达湖,并帮助他们找到正确的服务,如住宿, 餐饮, 花, entertainment and anything else that can add a touch of magic to their big day. 这是一个最流行的民间婚礼庆祝的场地列表.


One of the smallest villages located in the south of Lake Garda. The small harbor with fishing boats together with the Medieval Castle is full of character. This is a peaceful place even during the high season. Civil weddings can also be held in the romantic setting of the Castle. 致力于庆祝活动的地区: 这是一个罕见的旧蚊帐
的Limonaia交友 1760 最后柠檬绿房子仍然存在的加尔达
之一,是能容纳 40 客人. 

The Torre, a tower on which there is a lovely terrace with space for a maximum of 
15 people. From here you can admire the magnificent panorama,在村和湖中心的小港口。
撒拉族Conciliare, which has been recently restored and furnished in a modern style . This room can accommodate up to 40 seated guests. Chiesa di S.Giovanni. 
自 2009 已在最近经过重新装修的圣乔万尼教堂举行民间婚礼, a building of high architectural and artistic value, located a few meters from the lake and the village centre.


This medieval village is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda and is gathered around the Castello Scaligero (scaligeri城堡) and the historic Palazzo del Capitano. The climate is temperate and allows magnificent walks on the hills among olive groves and lush Mediterranean vegetation and also on high mountains by means of the cableway to Monte Baldo. 


Malcesine的是著名的城堡, a medieval fortress perched on a cliff overlooking the lake behind Monte Baldo. There are two rooms inside the castle that are dedicated to civil ceremonies: 
One is suitable for small weddings of up to 40 guests and has a fantastic view over
the lake. The other is in the tower which is larger and can accommodate up to 70 
people. 在夏季, weddings are also held on the terrace from which 
you can enjoy the exciting view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The 
terrace can accommodate about 100 的人 (70 就位,并 30 常设). 队长宫. 
Built between the thirteenth and fourteenth century on the Roman ruins by the Scala family, the Palace overlooks Lake Garda with its magnificent facade in Venetian style. 细绘在楼上大厅,庆祝婚礼. At the end of the ceremony a lovely balcony with views over the lake is a great place for taking your wedding photos.


就坐 20 分钟从布雷西亚, Gardone Riviera is a charming village with lush gardens
 famous for the Vittoriale, home of the Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. 
The promenade is a walk surrounded by oleanders, 橘子树和玫瑰. This is a 
a quiet place where time seems to have stood still. 在加尔多内湖岸民事婚礼举行的别墅PRIMAVERA, the Town Hall. The room dedicated to the celebrations is particularly beautiful decorated with an enchanting painted wooden ceiling which dates from 1925. The Villa is located about ten minutes by foot from the shores of lake Garda, or just a few minutes by minivan or car. 新娘和新郎可以在花园内拍摄的照片Vittoriale.

利莫sul Garda的

一旦一个小渔村, now it is one of the most visited and loved tourist centers on Lake Garda with its harbor full ofcolorful boats, 狭窄的街道, typical small shops and the characteristic old lemon green houses. Some rustic steps lead to a small squarein the old part of the village, 位于教堂基耶萨DI SAN BENEDETTO,. This location is particularly suitable for a Christian or a Catholic Wedding. 别墅Borghi. 
民事仪式在大会堂举行, a small villa on a hill, elegantly furnished in a modern style with views overlooking the lake. 
When the weather is good, 在公园外举行的庆祝活动, 否则,他们在市议会大厅举行


萨罗村位于圣山脚下的一个美丽的海湾. 巴塞洛缪. The old town is a sequence of streets, alleys and squares with stately homes, 优雅的shopsand餐馆. 地点: The Palazzo della Magnifica Patria on the lake is now home to the municipal offices which now offer a wonderful location for civil ceremonies. This is a beautiful Venetian palace from 1524 with frescoes and antique furniture suitable for formal and elegant ceremonies. There are different rooms dedicated to weddings which can be chosen according to the number of guests attending and the preferences of the bride and groom.

Garda is a picturesque village on the lake with beautiful houses and squares. The bay is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation interrupted on the north side by Monte Luppia. 在山区下降到湖边的地步, 在湖边路径年底是突出蓬新Vigillio, 这是哪里爵士. 温斯顿·丘吉尔来画. 
民事婚礼在大会堂举行, 卡洛塔别墅, which is located in a quiet square in the center just a few meters from the waters of thelake.


巴多利诺湖是最时髦的村民和当地年轻人的喜爱. 此外, 它是著名的葡萄酒生产在世界各地的熊它的名字. 民间婚礼在大会堂举行, a beautiful building facing the lake. The room dedicated to the ceremonies has a balcony with spectacular views over the small harbor.


西尔米奥奈加尔达湖是最知名的地点之一. It was loved by the poet Catullus and celebrated in his poems. It is located at the far end of a long and narrow peninsula. 其中一个最大的罗马别墅的废墟, 可以格罗特二Cattullo的钦佩在这个半岛结束。
的特点是由城堡别墅的入口, 名为RoccaScaligeri. 西尔米奥奈也是国际著名的温泉浴场, SPA and medical care. 
玛丽亚·卡拉斯在Palazzo举行的婚礼, once home of the famous opera singer who loved this area of Lake Garda and spent her holiday there. The Palace is located in the historical city center. The room dedicated to ceremonies is on the 3rd floor and can accommodate over 100 客人.


lazise是加尔达湖的东南岸边的一个小村庄, a quiet and quaint place with beautiful walks and restaurants overlooking the lake; a perfect location for a wedding reception. Civil weddings are held in the Town Hall in a room with view over the main square. 房间可容纳约 30/40 客人.


lonato是靠近Desenzano和Padenghe 5 km inland from Lake Garda.
The beautiful castle of Medieval origin is situated on a hill overlooking the town. It is surrounded by the hills and has a panoramic view over Lake Garda. 
At Lonato Castle, ceremonies can be held in a fabulous open air venue or within its walls, 令人惊叹的美景。
这两种情况下,这些都是可以在Lonato举行民间仪式的各个场馆: La Rocca.
A wonderful location for the big day. The ceremony takes place in the open air
on the grass. This venue is suitable for weddings up to 350 guests.
From here you can enjoy many fascinating glimpses of the castle and 
lake. (在天气恶劣的情况下,仪式将在CASA DEL卡皮塔诺举行). Casa del Capitano酒店的. 
这个房间最多可容纳 120 席. It lies within 
the castle park and offers views of Lake Garda and thesurrounding countryside.

Sala lettura
This room is ideal for smaller weddings accommodating up to a maximum of 20 客人. It is located just a short walk from the castle fortifications and offers a very special chapel like setting for those searching for a more intimate, 大气中的设置.


一个古老的村庄, 不远处,从加尔达湖, 著名
特点水车. A romantic and charming location full of atmosphere and at one with the river that it borders. The lovers who visit Borghetto for the first time are fascinated and often chose this place as a wedding destination to celebrate their love. 这里有可能组织一个基督教或天主教的婚礼在美丽的

Ş. 如果你正在寻找一种替代的位置,我们已经没有上述马尔科杰利斯塔教堂。
or if you wish to organize a symbolic wedding or to renew your vows, 我们将很高兴帮助你发现特别的地方,你的愿望.