To play golf with a view over Lake Garda is now possible on the Golf Course Ca’ 橄榄, 位于一些 3 km above Garda. The 18-Holes Champion’s Course is surrounded by olive groves and cypresses and offers, 从一些漏洞, 比加尔达湖的壮丽景色. 向东, 你看到连绵起伏的前陆盆地的 蒙巴尔多山. 当然是嵌在美丽的大自然和其 600 metres altitude make it most challenging even for experienced golf players. The small 9-Holes Course is just as beautiful and demands precise play even to advanced players. 比赛结束后,, you can relax on the lovely terrace and enjoy the amazing view over the lake. If you’re looking for a challenge, 然后高尔夫球锦标赛, 每个星期天举行, 您可能感兴趣. 更多