Vďaka krajinu starých časov, the Restaurant La Civetta Lonato del Garda offers several occasions to interact with nature and its elements. Visiting the farm you will have the possibility to attend to the magic practice of the milking, enjoy the perfumes that are in the air during the vintage period and breathe the scent of life…to live as you were hanging in time. From the two internal rooms, v teple a pohodlí, furnished with a farmhouse style, to the porch bounded by a fairy-tale structure made in wrought iron and the tables of the garden: everything is enhanced by the soft light of the candles. The kitchen churns out dishes with appetizing colours and smells. This is the right place to have a relaxing dinner, v srdci krajiny Lonato, where the only noises are made by the tractors working in the near fields. We cooperate with several Bed & Breakfast in the area to offer to our clients the most complete range of services.