Lode na prenájom Benaco Manerba del Garda založené v 1994 v Manerba del Garda v rodine Avanzi sa stal dôležitým a spoľahlivým reality pre námornú sveta na Lago di Garda. Services offered at the two locations are motorboat renting, Letné garážovanie s sklzu služieb, winter garaging and the selling of boats with warranty. The family-run management together with Giuliano Avanzi’s experience and his wife Oliva and his son Luca’s support, guarantees quality service that can meet the customersexpectations. From May to September the Nautica Benaco gives you the chance to rent a motorboat on very convenient terms. The over 20 Lode sú buď nové alebo v perfektnom stave. Nájomného vrátane poistenia, launching and slipping and the daily cleaning of the boats. During the summer season the Nautica Benaco has a large protected area (10.000 sq.mt.) neďaleko Porto Torchio. It is used for summer garaging where daily launching and slipping of boats and technical assistance is carried out for the whole season. The winter garaging including motorboat engine service and the cleaning of the boats, sa koná v novej krytej garáže 2500 sq.mt. not far from the port.