Sports, culture and events, food and wine, wellbeing and relaxation: an endless array of opportunities are available to visitors in order to make their trip a truly pleasurable and entertaining holiday. In fact, a wide range of attractions are available in Trentino, in order to fulfil everyone’s desires.


Trentino’s territory is covered for the 53% with woods and fields, 300 alpine lakes and 1.100 Kmq of protected land: this region asserts its commitment guarding of the natural environment, which is today its main economic resource. Earth pyramids, fabulous caves, dry rocky deserts, everlasting glaciers, rivers, valley, fields, massive woods with beeches, larches and fir-trees…The landscape of Trentino, with its thousand different landscapes, is a never-ending wonder and will not disappoint your expectations! In Trentino there are the three Natural Parks that deserve of being visit to you: the National Park of Stelvio, recognized on a national level, extends for one immense area, and is in fact of the greatest park of the alpine arc, the Park regional of Adamello – Brenta and the Park of Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino. On June 26th 2009 the Dolomites have been inscribed in the World heritage List because of their exceptional beauty and unique landscape and scientific importance from the geological and geomorphologic point of view.


Thanks to its particular conformation, this region offers an incredible variety of landscapes and climates, and can satisfy every kind of desire. From the everlasting glaciers (3000 mt high), where you can ski even in August, to the Mediterranean climate of the Lake Garda (famous in the whole world for windsurfing and sailing), Trentino is considered a real paradise for outdoor activity. The Lake Garda is a marvellous location for all manner of outdoor sports given the variety of the geography of the area with over 2000 m of difference in altitude within a radius of 15 km: from sailing to mountain bike, windsurfing to rock climbing, canyoning to Nordic walking, and trekking to ski tourism, from riding to paragliding. You are in unique surroundings for an active holiday. In summer time, the infinite possibilities of holiday include:- swimming in the clear mountain lakes or in the well equipped swimming pools;- cycling (on the numerous valley cycle paths) or mountain biking (on the hard mountain tracks);- trekking, hiking and mountaineering (more than 6 thousand paths dotted with 140 mountain lodges);- sailing and windsurfing (on Garda Lake, but also on Caldonazzo, Levico, Idro, Molveno, Piné, lakes);- canoeing, kayaking and rafting (on torrents Noce, Sarca, Chiese, Travignolo, Vanòi…);- horse riding (in the riding tracks, or also in the numerous itineraries riding across pastures and forests);- golf (on the seven golf courses);- summer skiing (on the Presena glacier and the Tonale Pass);- paragliding (Monte Bondone, Panarotta, Doss del Sabion in Val Rendena, Col dei Rossi in Val di Fassa…);- free climbing (on the rock faces of Arco, High Garda, or on the natural and artificial training grounds that dot the Trentino);- archery and diving under the lakes;- nordic walking. In winter time, on the skis…Trentino region has got an unbelievable number of downhill ski slopesand cross-country ski centres among the most renowned of the entire Alps. Valley after valley tourists can admire the wonderful view of Dolomites (300 ski lifts, 800 kilometers downhill ski slopes; 11 cross-country ski centers with 500 kilometers of tracks; many snowboardparks). Moreover it’s also possible cross-country ski-touring and ski orienteering (in the Valleys of Non, Fiemme and Sole, on the Tablelands of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna). The Tableland of Piné is renowed in particularly for ice sports, as speed-ice skating. Besides iced falls are the ideal climbing faces for ice-rock climbers (in Val Daone, Rabbi, Vallesinella, Val Genova). To the lovers of winter walks alpine guides offers exciting trips with snowshoes or on pulka drawn by Siberian huskies (Pass of Tonale, Alochet-Pass of San Pellegrino, Madonna di Campiglio).


In Trentino there is a water culture which is as important as the culture of the mountains and of the woods: “passing the waters” in Trentino means to live in invigorating environments thanks to the height, the parks, the vegetation, the air, the sun and the healthy climate. Plinio the Old wrote: “the water is the same as the rocks from which they spring”. For the same reason the variety of waters in Trentino is as big as the variety of its rocks. In the area there are 297 lakes and numberless rivers. In this waterworld there are old and important spas, that were known already during the Roman period and were famous among the Austrian nobles. These spas are now internationally famous and one of the most important attractions in Trentino. Unique to the region are its hay baths, capable of purifying the body and curing articular diseases. The principal Spas can be found in Levico Terme, Vetriolo Terme and Roncegno in the Valsugana (arsenical and ferruginous water), Pejo (carbonated and sulphurous water) and Rabbi (sparkling water, rich in salts but containing no calcium sulphate) in Val di Sole. Comano Terme, in Giudicarie Esteriori, is perhaps one of the most renowned centres for the treatment of skin and respiratory diseases. Lake Garda offers you all the perfect ingredients to let you live a very relaxing wellbeing holiday. Sport, nature, culture, as well as spas, wellness centres, large parks and paths immersed in nature make an ideal combination to regenerate body and spirit. Top-level hospitality and comfort are offered in all the hotels, apartments, B&B’s and farmhouses of northern Lake Garda.


Trentino is a transit land and a meeting point for different cultures, but it has anyway preserved its own identity and its traditions. In these places, the sense of the sacred is still the key to understand deeply the soul of the people of Trentino, which expresses itself through architecture and art. Think about the numberless churches with frescoes, the sanctuaries, the monasteries. Colors, sounds and music in Trentino. Festival of popular origin, guarded during the centuries, are organized every season of the year. In fact the ancient times com back to life thanks to the ancient costumes, the traditional dances and the ancient music.


Trentino is a land embraced by the mountains, and it has preserved its gastronomic tradition: it is the result of old contacts and exchanges with the german world, from which it took numerous recipes, on one hand; on the other hand, it comes from the old poor farmers’ life, which gave birth to simple recipes. The land of Trentino is generous also from the agricultural point of view. The production is various: apples, grapes, small fruits, cheese…while in the different artificial lakes you can find different kind of fishes, most of all trouts. Biological agriculture is also very widespread. On Lake Garda, holidays are an ideal occasion to discover good food and tradition. Culinary art meets the table in a refined way to combine the tastes of the Mediterranean cookery with the delicate tastes of Lake Garda cookery, with an eye to the traditional mountain dishes. The mild climate favours a lush vegetation: the products of the earth are always abundant and tasty. Food is rich in fragrance, taste and unique ingredients all year round. Your holiday by lake Garda will be accompanied by excellent local food and wine:the Carne Salada, the broccoli from Torbole, the plums from Dro, the marroni from Drena, the typical olive oil from Lake Garda, the freshwater fish, the polenta and the excellent Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Merlot, Nosiola, Schiava and Müller Thurgau wines, grappa and Vino Santo. Delicious sweets, like strudel, apples, raspberries, strawberries, honey, cheese and salami will enrich your gourmet holiday.