Tignale is located in the heart of the “Parco Alto Garda Bresciano”, between 500 and 600 meters in altitude (a.s.l.), at the west shore of Lake Garda surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape. The picturesque town settles on a plateau overlooking the lake in the heart of idyllic meadows and forests. The lake, hills, and mountains are typical of the local topography and offer enchanting scenes. It consist of six districts. They are connected with a panoramic road: the main village and seat of the municipality Gardola, Piovere, Prabione, Aer, Olzano and Oldesio. The Mediterranean climate with comfortable, mild temperatures lasts throughout the year.
This area too was inhabited in very ancient times and was an important town of the Roman empire. It became the object of contention between Trento and Brescia, then annexed to Austria and finally to the Kingdom of Italy with the Risorgimento wars.
In the small town of Piòvere, the small but beautiful historical centre with the porticoes, the houses built in Venetian style and the 17th century parish church. The hamlet of Oldesio instead is famous for its church dedicated to Saints Sebastiano and Rocco that hosts a painting by Bertanza. Forbisicle stands right on a sheer cliff above the lake, while in Tignale worthy a visit is the 15th century church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta with an altar-piece also by Bertanza. Especially worth visiting is the pilgrimage church “Santuario della Madonna di Montecastello” which dates back to the 17. century and settles on a promontory in an altitude of 700 m above the lake. is one of the most famous places of worship on Lake Garda due to its architectural and artistic value and the historical events of which it has been the protagonist. Skirting the main road that joins Gargnano and Campione, at the foot of the steep rocky wall plunging to the lake from a height of 300 meters, is the 18th century lemon grove of “Pra de la fam”. Partly restored in 1985 by the Comunità Montana Alto Garda, it is tended using the traditional methods of citrus fruit growers in the Garda region. To get a better idea of the area, stop at the Visitors Center in Alto Garda Bresciano Park. Its museum presents images and sound clips, biographies of famous people, reconstructed settings, naturalist collections, an assortment of old work tools, short films, and interactive stations. It is a pleasant, new way to learn more about the variety of the Garda environment and to become familiar with traditional activities such as fishing, lemon and olive growing, mountain farming, and artisan productions.
This is an area of “ecotourism” that offers the opportunity to enjoy environmentally friendly sports such as sailing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and rafting. Prà de la Fam is one of the windiest places on Lake Garda and a favorite destination of surfers from around the world. The extra virgin olive oil from Tignale’s “Latteria Turnaria” Co-operative is an organic product of the highest quality. The local luxuriant varieties of olive trees are grown along terraces in one of the most attractive areas of the local regional park (Parco Alto Garda Bresciano) and are cultivated using traditional methods. The olives are handpicked and then taken directly to the olive mill. The cold pressed oil is golden-coloured and has a fruity taste. You can visit the oil mill in Tignale, buy oil and other produce and be informed about the production of the oil and its characteristics from the people who work there.