San Zeno di Montagna is located at an altitude of 700 mt at Monte Baldo in the province Verona, directly above of Lake Garda. The village is situated 35 km northwest from the city of Verona. The municipality with 1.367 inhabitants is a popular holiday destination for tourists who are looking for silence, nature and fresh air. San Zeno di Montagna is also called “balcony of Lake Garda” due to its location at the western slope of Monte Baldo at an average altitude of 600 m with a unique view over the lake, to the hilly landscape with olive groves surrounding and to the summits of the mountains. A small, scenic road connects the village with other villages situated at the shore of Lake Garda.
San Zeno di Montagna is an ideal starting point for hiking routs, trekking, mountain biking and climbing tours at Monte Baldo and even an ideal place where to stay in total relaxation. With the lift facility in Prada the Monte Baldo is easily to reach. There are numerous leisure activities, like paragliding, hang gliding, horse riding and much more. Furthermore different cultural events are taking place at the typical places of San Zeno or in the courtyard of the building “Ca’dei Montagna”.
A few kilometers from San Zeno di Montagna, on the other side of Monte Baldo, certainly Madonna di Spiazzi is with to visit: standing in a spectacular position on a cliff literally dropping vertically onto the Valle dell’Adige, the Madonna della Corona sanctuary was a place of retirement for hermits. In the 16th century a church was built there and in 1625 was added the sanctuary we can still see today that holds a much venerated statue of the Holy Virgin that miraculously made it there from Rhodes. Legend has it that the statue arrived up there from Spiazzi, or from Brentino, transported up along a very steep stairway. Further, you can enjoy the visit of the Botanical Garden of Monte Baldo, in Novezzina di Ferrara di Monte Baldo. It is located at an altitude above 1200 m. This garden shows the astonishing diversity of the vegetation of Monte Baldo. This garden is different from traditional alpine botanical gardens because it only has autochthonous species: over 700 species are already planted, but this number is continuously rising. Here you will find Anemone del Baldo, Aquilegia, Asphodels, Snowdrop, Bellflower, Daphne, Yellow Gentians, Tiger Lilies, Turk’s Cap Lilies, Narcissi, Bear’s-ear, Peonies, Pasqueflowers, Rhododendrons, Christmas Rose, edelweiss… these are only some of the rare flowers that especially in the springtime make it a blaze of colors and fragrances. There are about 20 floral species that are typical or exclusive to Monte Baldo, and therefore they are named “baldensis”, because it was here where they were recognized for the first time; this is further proof of the naturalistic importance of this area.