Welcome to Wellness Center and Swimming Pools Airone Goito. The Swimming Pools Airone are the first Spa nestled in the picturesque background of the natural park of the Mincio, in Sacca di Goito, where are offered services for sport, the health and well-being. Exploiting the properties of the soil, geothermal has always warm thermal water, with certified quality, useful for the rehabilitation and health. Beside the pools there are other sports facilities such as gymnasium, soccer field, volleyball, basketball and much more. Our Center offers a wide range of circumstances, equipment and facilities to satisfy every kind of request, whether athletic type, relaxing or regenerative healing. The Centre is a unique architectural complex in the territory that boasts 6 tubs padano in space and 3 external tanks, an area with whirlpool tubs, 2 separate wellness areas & entertainment. At your arrival you will find a large parking area, guarded and free, and a reception service; the staff, qualified and competent, will be at your disposal to show you the services of our Center pools. With a significant area of 1400 square feet available, we are able to offer water activities between disparate; the courses are scanned in the hours daily and weekly, are many and the cutting edge of new products and equipment. The activity in the tank is always shown to competent, qualified instructors and to ensure a proper exercise and really profitable. Inside the structure is an indoor swimming pool, measuring 25×17 meters with a depth rising from 1.20 to 1.90 m and a temperature of around 29° C, is used for swimming, courses, individual courses, for children and adults not novice. It is at your disposal also a semi-circular shape, with convenient plan to rest and massage seats; There is an additional tank used for swimming and activities for the disabled, to a pleasant temperature of 33° C hyperthermal. The tank used for vascular provides an effective rehabilitation method for vascular disorders of the lower limbs, revitalization of the extremities, required those who lead a sedentary life, and activation of blood circulation to the legs. Backdrop to our last proposal, a raised pool (29° C) with respect to the plane, from the quadrangular structure refines, used for fitness courses in water but is also available for swimming. Last but not least, the physiotherapy, measures 9 x 4; in this space turns attention to exercise rehabilitation therapies and motor rehabilitation, followed by physiotherapists experienced and competent. Our summer Center is much more than the mere sum of its equipment and its swimming pools. With an area of approximately 7000 m2 at your disposal, is a location within which offer a complexity of opportunities of leisure, pleasure and relaxation, suitable for any age and need. The structure includes a tub Olympic size 20x50m and increasing depth from 1.10 to 1, 50 m, which allows anyone to use it safely. Another essential element is the pool for children and less experienced 18x20m in size and depth increasing from 0.20 to 0, 70 m, complete with water features such as Whirlpool, floating and splashes. Our latest construction, tub sizes 9x7m and a depth of 1, 10 m, whose temperature hyperthermal is 38 degrees Celsius. All our in ground structure is accompanied by comprehensive and efficient filtering systems for the purification of the thermal waters and a guarantee of impeccable hygiene for our customers. More than half of the external surface at your disposal is green area, equipped with sun beds, deckchairs, sun umbrellas, facilities such as usual changing rooms, toilets and showers, to offer the maximum comfort in the hot summer days. The entire area is adjacent to the outdoor bar and dining area.