Who does not know the feats of Robin Hood in the forest? Is there anyone who has not dreamt of balancing in mid-air whilst hanging from a creeper like Tarzan of the jungle? And is there anyone who has not been thrilled at the cinema watching the reckless exploits of Harrison Ford in the rainforest in the role of Indiana Jones? Immersed in the forest at San Zeno di Montagna, you will find Park Jungle Adventure San Zeno di Montagna. An adventure park where you can put your courage to the test, attempting to match the feats of the famous Indiana Jones or where you can balance in mid air like wild Tarzan. The park offers fantastic and exhilarating trails of varying levels of difficulty, to suit even the youngest children. Depending on the path, visitors are invited to grapple with: Cable car ascending and descending; Fisherman’s network; Trunk balance; Himalayan bridge; Canadian bridge; Jungle bridge; Monkey bridge; The bear and beams of the privateer Network. All activities are conducted in complete safety. For the less “adventurous”, the Park also offers a botanical trail and a fitness trail.