Welcome to Oil Mill Manestrini Soiano del Lago – We first began in 1960 with our cultivation of olives, and with the use of an oil press we began the production of our quality extra virgin olive oil. Situated in an extremely privileged position upon a hilltop overlooking the western shores of Lake Garda, in Soiano del Lago, the climate is mild and thus ensures that the olives cultivated and the oil yielded are of the highest possible quality. The extra virgin olive oil and the D.O.P. (Denomination Origin Protected) Garda Bresciano oil is produced from olives harvested by hand when they reach maturity and are then pressed very soon after in our olive press. We maintain the old traditions whilst taking advantage of more modern technology, thus ensuring that our product attains fantastic reviews and is recognised for its excellent quality. Widely appreciated for its genuinely delicate taste and smell, and for its characteristic organic properties which derive from the olive squeezing methods as used by “Casaliva, Frantoio and Leccino” various others produced on Lake Garda. Our oils are healthy, well balanced ingredients for any meal and help promote a sense of well being. The aromatic dressing are extra virgin olive oil based and are the ideal way to add flavour to any dish, any day. There have a wide range of oil based products which are produced following exclusive recipes (vegetable oil, vegetable creams and sauces, olive paste) and are all agreeable served with either antipasto hors d’oeuvre or vegetable side dishes. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm where you can view the olive press, taste our products and broaden your knowledge of oil production.