Museum Nicolis – The museum has always been his dream. Luciano Nicolis made this dream come true in 2000, when he inaugurated his Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics in Villafranca of Verona. During the years, his interest in mechanics led him to travel around the world and buy unfindable and precious items that are now displayed here: cars, motorbikes, bicycles but also musical instruments, cameras, typewriters and much more. He constantly enlarges the collections and loves acting as a guide for the visitors, telling them the story of each piece – its origin, its history and its curiosities. The plan of the new building now housing the Nicolis collection was designed as an architectural structure with free sections: the rooms can be freely modified according to the functional needs of the exhibition, while the large glass façades bring light into the inner spaces of this modern building. The Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics is not a traditional museum – it is rather a spectacular and ultra-modern container of culture and ideas that, through hundreds of cars, motorbikes and bikes, tells the story of how transport and technology has evolved over the last 2 centuries. Read more