The Giacomini Meo Fiorot Foundation is located in Villa Mazzucchelli, based in Ciliverghe di Mazzano (BS). Founded in 1996 and recognised in the same year by the Region of Lombardy, the aim of the Foundation is to organize cultural and artistic events and to protect, promote and give due importance to the historic, artistic and environmental heritage of the Museums Mazzucchelli Ciliverghe di Mazzano. That are composed of the
– Fashion and Costume Museum
– Museum of Wine and Corkscrew
– Giammaria Mazzucchelli House Museum
– Pinacoteca Giuseppe Alessandra
The Foundation is named after its founders Piero Giacomini, a biochemical businessman, and Franca Meo, poet and writer. In 2006 it was enriched by a consistent bequest made by Dino Fiorot, emeritus professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Padua and Carmen Meo, educational psychologist and writer, an expert on children’s creativity.
Your event in the unique settings of Museums Mazzucchelli – within the refined and select surroundings of the Mazzuchelli Museums it is possible to organise meetings, conventions and dinners. In a unique setting, enhanced by the neighbouring exhibition rooms of the Museums, one can find a stylish form of hospitality where art, culture and convivial society merge in a most prestigious context. The air-conditioned rooms can be adapted to suit individual needs. As the room is close to the exhibition rooms of the Mazzuchelli Museums it is possible to organise exclusive visits, even during closing times, and to arrange coffee breaks and catering. Each event will be individually considered and must be compatible with the requirements of the activities of the museum.