Levico Lake is the second widest lakes of Valsugana, in Trentino. It has become a very interesting tourist attraction thanks to the spa nearby. The area is beautiful and fertile and there are lots of opportunities for mountain walking, mountain biking, water sports on the lake and various excursions. Surrounded by green, it reminds you a Norwegian fiord for its particular conformation. Its shores are fitted with two bathing establishments and a free – entrance shore. No motor-driven boats are allowed on the lake. Its beaches lie below the town of Levico, from which the lake stretches finger-like for over a mile into the hills. Development is very limited: over 90% of the banks are made up of woods and vineyards sloping steeply down to the water. Hiring a rowing boat or pedalo you can take a picnic and explore the unspoilt banks.Via dei Pescatori then is a charming walk along the lake, plunged into nature, the ideal occasion to restore your body and your spirit. The most practised activity is fishing since the lake is inhabited by plenty of fish species. The biotope Canneto di Levico is also of great importance and it is situated at the southern most part of the lake. The waters of Levico and Vetriolo spas are known for over 150 years in several places all over the world for their intrinsic qualities that make them – therapeutically speaking- really unique in Italy and rare in Europe. From the mountains overlying Levico Terme – over 1500 m above sea level – there are two types of mineral water springs: the strong water and light water. They are both ferruginous waters but currently only the first is used for therapeutic purposes. Both are storm water which penetrate in great heights and slowly underground along mysterious ways (Cristallino di Cima d’Asta) passing through metal deposits, they load of precious minerals – iron, sulfate, copper, arsenic, etc.- and then dropping into galleries that were mines in the middle ages and are channeled to our spa centres in Levico Terme. This is a highly mineralized water, strongly acidic, containing, sulfate, ferruginous – rich in iron, arsenical, containing traces of arsenic in therapeutically effective concentrations; it is also rich in other minerals such as copper, zinc, etc. Therapeutic qualities of strong water: important disinfectant and anti-inflammatory action, trophic action on mucous, stimulatory action on epithelial cells, relaxant action, stabilizing mood action. Main treatments given at our spa: balneotherapy, even with modern cabins with whirlpool spa;
 mud therapy;
 inhalation, aerosol, nasal irrigations, micronized nasal douche, sonic aerosol, ionic aerosol, pulmonary ventilation;
 vaginal irrigations;
 physical care and motor rehabilitation. 
There are also areas used for traditional massage and shiatsu.