To the west – between the river Chiese and Lake Garda – lies the peaceful green and blue Ledro Valley. A fabulous well-being destination, where you can relax and chill out in beautiful natural surroundings that offer an array of interesting cultural and artistic activities as well. Lake Ledro, in the middle of Ledro Valley, is one of the most pleasant and cleanest lakes of Trentino, 650 metres a.s.l. with cristal turquoise water surrounded by the green scenery of meadows and woods. It has a lot to offer: active holiday for your favourite sport, such as MTB, walking, hinking, swimming, sailing, canyoning and paragliding; relaxing holiday in touch with nature and greedy menues to taste. Rich in history and with vestiges of a past that can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Lake Ledro is also best known for the discovery of an archaeological area situated on the east river of the lake. The area was discovered when the level of the lake was lowered to supply the hydroelectric plant being built at Riva del Garda. This archaeological site is one of the most important in Europe for extent and wealth of the manufactures. Along the rivers of the Lake have been realized four beaches. Those beaches are located in Molina di Ledro (Besta), in Mezzolago, in Pieve di Ledro and in Pur. Nearby the beaches it is possible to rent pedaloes, rowing boats, sailing boats, surf, canoes in order to enjoy the lake 100%. Part of the beach in Pur, in the southern part of the lake, is open for dogs, who can enjoy the sun and the lake together with its friends. In Pieve di Ledro is also located the Sailing Club of Lake Ledro, that host international sailing regattas, like the Women Match Race J22 and the Team Racing Ioda European Championship Optimist and organizes lessons for children during the summer. The passionately fond of fishing, find an ideal habitat rich of fish. Here are some of the fish you can find in the lake: trut, perch, bleak, whitefish, tench, pike and eel. If you want to fish in Lake Ledro you need a permits. Also the canoeing association organizes private lessons by the beach Besta in Molina. It is also possible to rent all the equipment. Here fine Mediterranean cuisine blends with the local lake and mountain specialties and the excellent locally-produced extra-virgin olive oil and Trentino wines take pride of place. Val di Ledro offers meals, which are very similar to the ones of the traditional Trentino cuisine, but there are also some appetizing local dishes that you cannot taste in any other valley, such as potatoes polenta, peverà and caponec. The pile-dwelling village of Molina di Ledro, on the shore of Ledro lake, has been dated back to the second millennium B.C., representing an important archaeological heritage dutifully preserved in the nearby museum, which is open between March and November.