“Lake Garda’s little brother” – that is the fine outdoor pool with its various whirlpoolfeatures in a Mediterranean parkland setting. Whether you prefer the sunbathing or a stroll in the shade of the olive trees – at Wellness Park Gardacqua Garda you can do both. Endless bathing pleasures await youin the big indoor pool with Jacuzzi loungers, neck hydromassage and flume, plusstimulating whirlpool, children’s fun pools and outdoor brine pool with aconnecting channel to the indoor are. The water in the three children’spools is between 15 and 30 cm deep and has a temperature of 32°C to make sure the kids keep nice and warm. There’s also an area in the indoor pools and at the bistro where children can play. The children’s area also includes nappy-changing facilities. The fine sauna facilities at Gardacqua include the right offering for every taste, whether you are an old hand or a newcomer to the pleasures of the sauna ritual. Salt steambath (45-50° C). At a temperature of 45-50°C and 100% humidity, the salt steam bath – in combination with whole-body peeling using sea salt –stimulates the circulation and leaves the skin as soft as velvet. The salt is easily spread and massaged into the damp skin. The peeling effect of the salt ensures that the dead particles of skin are removed, while a final shower leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. Laconium (45-60 °C). The Laconium is a dry heat bath named after the people of Laconia, the principle region of Sparta in the south of ancient Greece. It has a tiled heated floor, which permits the temperature to be increased slowly. With a relatively low humidity of about 45%, a session in the Laconium is kind to the circulatory system and can be enjoyed for up to an hour. A session in the Laconium helps to remove wastes and toxins from the body. Rasul bath (40-45 ° C). The Rasul bath, which is typically about 40°C warm, is an oriental version of the steam bath used in combination with a variety of body and skin care applications. In the small round bathroom, various types of mud are applied to the skin for their peeling effects. After permitting the skin to perspiref reely, the mud will be rinsed off and the body rubbed with oils. The Rasul bath is relaxing and detoxifying; it stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the connective tissues.(TheRasul bath is not included in the price of the sauna and must be booked separately). Finnish Sauna (90-100 °C). The combination of heat and a low humidity of 10 to30% cleanses the organism. The abrupt change from hot to cold strengthens the vascular system and stimulates the circulation. For additional benefits to the respiratory tracts, steam is produced by splashing water containing menthol or eucalyptus onto hot stones. Biosauna 40-65 °C. If you find the traditional Finnish Sauna too hot and dry, try the Biosauna (or Sanarium) instead. With a maximum temperature of 40to 65 °C and 40 to 55% humidity, this type of sauna is kinder to the circulatory system. Among other things, regular use of the Biosauna is recommended for controlling high blood pressure. “Switch on your life” is the motto of our modern Indoor- und Outdoor-Fitness-Centers. A place to relax, to renew your mind and to shape your body. Peak Pilates and LF Academy are just a few of the most popular names if it comes to professionality. Trust our team and let them tone your body.