The garden, property of the “André Heller” (an Austrian comedian), foundation since 1988, contains over 500 plant species from all continents and climate zones. This jewel exists thanks to the dentist and naturalist Prof. Arturo Hruska, which arrived in Gardone Riviera in 1901; here, stimulated by the favorable climate, from 1910 to 1971 he collected several species samples on the two-hectares property attached to the villa, rectreating some striking glimpses of the plants native countries. Therefore there are many aquatic tropical plants which enrich typical Japanese gardens, a thick bamboo forest made of reeds of various sizes and alpine flowers inserted in rocky environments complete with ravines and chasms. The approximately 10.000 square metres of garden really do seem like paradise, for their wealth, variety and harmony, with over 3000 types of plant coming from all continents and from every climatic area, with streams and ponds surrounded by nymphs following one after the other. Among the various environments re-created here the alpine one is particularly memorable. The Botanic Garden André Heller is faithfully constructed using granite stone and rocks from the Dolomites and hosts the entire range of Italian flora and a rich collection of succulent plants that celebrates the founder’s passion for tropical vegetation. And let’s not forget the classic Japanese garden, located near a thick bamboo forest. The entire garden is surrounded by century old trees as a backdrop and protection from the outside. Streams and waterfalls; ponds with sacred koi carp, trout and the reflections of dragonflies in flight; hills of dolomite rock alongside cacti and towers of ivy. Indian and Moroccan sculptures in harmony with installations by Roy Lichtenstein, Susanne Schmögner, Mimmo Paladino and Keith Haring. There’s a large quantity of ferns, including Osmunda Regalis, flowers (the Tibetan primeroses and Irises are especially beautiful); finally, the magnolias are not to be missed on a visit. Read more