Welcome to Farm Holiday Il Filos Monzambano. The Agriturismo Il Filos, Farm Agricultural Tourist Facility, was established in 1996 in a remodelled stable, from which two dining halls on the ground floor and three bedrooms in the hayloft were created. Il Filos is much more than a mere agritourism: the place has a serene and fortifying atmosphere, immersed in the beautiful morenic hills of Mantua, in natural and uncontaminated surroundings, a real friend for the guests – as is announced by its name of ancient Greek origin (Filos = Friendship). The family management of the facility and the warm and hospitable atmosphere always permit guest to feel at ease. Agriturismo Il Filos is immersed in the lush green countryside, with the comfort of a private internal parking lot and is also ideal to ensure the safety of cildren, who can have a good time in the large playground. The tipical, quiet and ristoring aspect crows it all with animals leading their lives as they’re free on the farm’s boulders: chickens, geese, ducks, peacocks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, goats and donkeys. Part of the agricultural land is given over to orchard, and the fruit produced is sold during the autumn. There are apples, pears, peaches, prunes, naki and kiwy. The cooking is typical Mantuan cuisine, and foods prepared by expert hands are served with own products. Our dishes are served quickly and with politeness in friendly rustic atmosphere of the dinig area, or outside in the garden. The dining halls can hold about 70 persons. In the summertime, wich outdoor service, you can taste our specialities while you admire the star-filled nights, or stay warm indoors, savouring our typical mantuan dishes, cheered with a good wine. Appartaments and rooms have high-quality services, allowing a confortable stay and complete relax. (Agriturismo Il Filos Monzambano farm holidays).