Witamy Apartment Lauro Type Bi Lazise, piękne apartamenty. which form part of a new and comfortable residence. close to Lazise. a town along the Gardameer. The residence is peaceful situated and within a short distance from the lake. The residence is structured in such a way that the guests can make use of all the freedom of diverse facilities: 2 open air swimming pools (1 dla dzieci). kort tenisowy. more parks and a play garden. private parking area. Lazise (lovely town with many typical restaurants and shops) and the Gardameer are within less than 1 km. Gardaland (the biggest Italian amusement park) is less than 10min. jechać. Verona is within 30min. Wenecja 1.5 hrs and Milan 1hr45min.The swimming pool may not be used between 13.00 i 15.00 oclock. (Apartment Lauro Type Bi Lazise hotels booking).