On 30th September and 1st and 2nd October 2011 Riva del Garda will host the third edition of the Italian BlogFest: an event where people will talk and discuss about web communities, with special regard to Facebook, Twitter, chats, blogs and social networks of Italy and Europe. In these three days, in the streets and squares of Riva del Garda there will be many interesting events: conferences, debates, installations, performances, concerts, games and much more. People will have the chance to listen to famous journalists and bloggers, to meet people interested in the world of the web communities, and to attend different self-managed BarCamps that will cover subjects such as food, photography, tourism, literature. There will also be great night events: the Italian Blog Awards 2011, music, games and dj-sets. In all Riva del Garda there will be wi-fi, that will therefore enable anyone to connect and talk about the event, sharing photos and videos of the most significant moments of the BlogFest. The BlogFest: a party, a festival, pure fun. Read more

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