Terme di Sirmione is one of the most important thermal spas in Europe. This facility combines various activities that all have one thing in common – the sulphurous water containing sodium chloride, bromine and iodine. Terme di Sirmione offers not only the unique properties of its precious water, but also the professionalism of its staff and the best tools that technology can offer. Sirmione’s natural spring of hot sulphuric water is called the Boiola, and the first to speak of it was the monk Giorgio Jodoco Bergano in the little poem Benacus written in 1546. The spring is about 20 metres below ground in Lake Garda and comes from a rocky stratum close to the home of Catullo. Sirmione’s water is mineral which means it has therapeutic properties taken from the minerals in the rocks and it starts on Mount Balso at about 800 metres asl, plunging 2,500 metres below sea level before becoming the Boiola spring and having accumulated its health-giving properties. With a temperature of 69° centigrade when it gurgles out, it contains high levels of sulphur, sodium and iodine. Given these characteristics the water in Sirmione’s baths is used to treat respiratory problems, rheumatism and skin disorders. But the thermal baths on Lake Garda are also popular for the opportunity they give to spend relaxing weekends or longer stays thanks to the interesting SPA packages in wellness centres in Sirmione or in other towns that offer thermal circuits, sauna and steam rooms, massages and mud treatments. Terme di Sirmione is composed of the Catullo Spa complex which is located in the old town of Sirmione and opens directly onto the splendid shores of Lake Garda (open from March to October) and the Virgilio Spa Complex, close to the base of the Sirmione peninsula, on the main road from Verona to Brescia (open all year round). Terme di Sirmione has also one Thermal Wellness Centre (Aquaria), a world-famous centre, a thermal facility in which it is possible, for example, to enjoy chromotherapeutic itineraries and spend the day pampered by massages and relaxing in the magnificent thermal waters. Read more