A visit to Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium, in Castelnuovo del Garda, is a journey on a quest to discover the most beautiful creatures populating the fresh and sea waters of the entire planet. In a succession of themed environments, perfectly reconstructing different natural habitats, you will admire thousands of marine creatures. A multitude of worlds populated by numerous animal species, from the better known to the most unusual and exotic ones. You will be lead into the marvellous marine world. Get ready for incredibly close encounters with creatures of all kinds, from sharks to seahorses, from rays to sea stars. And from this year you will be almost grazed by jellyfish! Visit the new multisensorial interactive room. Let yourself be enthralled by the incredible beauty and unsuspectable variety of colours and shapes of the spectacular jellyfish. You’ll finally be able to admire from extremely up close their unlimited colour gradations, their graceful floating and their elegant lightness in a hypnotising spectacle that, under a completely different light, unveils the mystery of their life and their world. During the visit you will discover the whole truth about sharks, about how the cute seahorses live and breed and many other interesting oddities. Web Site