San Felice del Benaco is located at the western shore of Lake Garda, on a morainic promontory in Lake Garda, with the Gulf of Salò to the north and the Gulf of Manerba del Garda to the south-east. It consist of three villages: San Felice, Portese and Cisano. There are three mountains in the vicinity of the village: “Monte della Croce”, “Monte Campagnolo” and “Monte Santa Caterina”. The climate is mild and pleasant throughout the whole year.
In-depth studies have demonstrated that the area was inhabited during the Roman era. The order of San Francesco d’Assisi founded the first hermitage of Roman monks. After the destruction of the ancient castle of Scovolo, which took place when Brescia deprived Verona of the Valtenesi area, the population migrated to Portese and San Felice, where they built the castle of San Felice. The town was the scene of many conflicts and settlements, among which those by the French and the Germans. During the war of succession to the throne of Spain, at the beginning of the 18th century, it suffered the passage of armed troops, whom they were obliged to supply with timber, without succeeding in avoiding episodes of violence and abuse.
The villages provides some sights just as the gothic-romanesque church „Santuario della Madonna del Carmine“, the building “Monte di Pietá” which dates back to the 16th century, the ruins of a medieval castle in Portese and San Felice, the “Palazzo Cominelli” in Cisano. Besides, the small church of San Fermo, dating back to the 15th century, which was constructed on the remains of a majestic Roman villa, the 16th century Parish Church of Saints Felice and Adauto, and the beautiful Island of Garda (Isola del Garda), the largest island on Lake Garda. The Island has always been a symbol of great mysticism (San Francesco d’Assisifounded the first small community on the Island). Today it owes its fascination to its extraordinary villa built in Neo-Gothic-Venetian style which was designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli in the early 19th century. This imposing and harmonious building is full of surprising architectural details. One of its jewels is the beautiful canvas made by Carlo Carloni which dates back to the 16th century. At the villa’s feet breath taking terraces and blooming Italian style gardens are sloping down to the lake. You will find yourself surrounded by luxuriant and unspoiled vegetation offering a wide choice of local and exotic plants, rare scents and unique flowers. The heavenly woods are made of pine and cypress trees, acacias and lemon trees, magnolias and agaves. The Island is magic and mystery and the sound of the bird songs seem to echo the joyful spirits of those who have respected, cared for and loved this place throughout the centuries. You can join and visit it through guided tours for families and individual travelers.
The geography of the area, with its beautiful beaches and fully-equipped tourist facilities, makes it ideal for a relaxing or exciting holiday with endless entertainment, and sports and cultural events. San Felice del Benaco has one of the loveliest beaches of Lake Garda on the Baia del Vento, where you can enjoy water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing. In Portese there are the harbor and a large beach. San Felice is immersed in nature, with olive groves, vineyards and fields and offers dynamic yet relaxing holiday. San Felice del Benaco offers wonderful walks through the hills, beautiful views of Lake Garda, old medieval villages, historic buildings, pebble beaches spaced out by small marinas. An unforgettable holiday with its exhibitions and shows dedicated to wine, olive oil and other local products.