Ponti sul Mincio is a mediaval town, nestled at the foot of a castle, which represents a Scaliger fortress. A visit in Ponti sul Mincio is almost a must. Here time seems to stand still and is ideal destination for those wishing to spend a relaxing and enjoyable day within the peace and beauty of the natural landscapes. It offers the possibility of outdoor sports: his campaign is also full of bike paths that lead along the banks of the Mincio, where you can visit the dam that regulates the flow of water coming from Lake Garda but also to taste the typical products of local cuisine, washed down with good wine. In addition to the castle you can visit an interesting museum dedicated to African campaigns. Ponti sul Mincio is the starting point for a fantastic holiday: the town is in fact only a few kilometers from Lake Garda and beautiful cities such as Mantua and Verona. Historical information relating to the Castle Ponti sul Mincio, obtainable only by general studies, in the absence of monographic surveys and archival research, are not very reliable. Its construction is dated to a period from the twelfth to the fourteenth century and is attributed to the initiative of the noble family of the Scaliger who were Lords of Verona and which, in this area, are also responsible for the formation of their own South West System, together with the castles of Monzambano, Valeggio sul Mincio, Nogarole, Peschiera del Garda, Sirmione and others, on the border with the territories owned by the Visconti and the Gonzaga families. Ponti sul Mincio is crossed by the Mincio River, 73 km long, which has its origin from Lake Garda and goes through the gentle beauty of the moraine landscape. In the part that affects the town Ponti sul Mincio in particular, the river is part of a complex water system and designed to distribute the flow of the river itself into a network of channels allocated to different functions: irrigation, energy, hydraulic defense. The Mincio flows channeled within narrow artificial embankments, while the hilly landscape is marked by a variety of soft and verdant hills. In 1984 this area was established as the Mincio Natural Park by the Lombardy Region. The Mincio Natural Park operates in the maintenance and enhancement of the protected area, that winds along the 73 km of the river, from the mouth of the Garda in Po river. The extraordinary presence of birds, with about 300 species from nesting, migratory, migratory or pitch, is a high-value wildlife heritage. As with all “green” elements of the park, the aquatic vegetation of the lowland forests to wetlands or hydric, which represent the heritage of the flora of the Lands of the Mincio. The park is set in a mainly flat, but has interesting morphological features related to its origin, typical of the “plain valley ” formed by river outlets of the great Alpine lakes left tributaries of the river Po. Some portions of the most characteristic ecosystems like hills moraine and fluvial terraces, are protected by nature reserves. The Association “Friends of the Mincio” is a group of volunteers who acts in favour of the protection of the environment, the promotion of socio-economic conditions of the place and environmentally friendly tourism. The current appearance of the Mincio is affected by anthropic actions that have taken place over the centuries to dominate the flow of water and bend it to human needs, but in short stretches the river retains important elements of naturalness. Their contribution is very important for the preservation of the biodiversity and the group is involved in important initiatives like improving and increasing the flow of water in the lakes.