Movieland Park Studios Lazise, opened in 2002, on the Lake Garda, was the first themed amusement park dedicated to the world of cinema to be made in Italy. Inspired by the famous American Universal Studios parks, Movieland Studios extends on a surface of over 100,000 sqm and offers more than 20 attractions, including rides and shows, set among the movie sets of films such as: Tomb Raider, Terminator, Rambo, Zorro, etc. The staff at Movieland Studios has as goal to entertain and involve the public, making him live the emotion of being behind a car and show some tricks backstage. Throughout the day you can participate with friends and family to moments of animation on the set, with special effects, professional actors and stuntmen. The amusement park Movieland Studios has all the useful services to their visitors in addition to numerous dining, relaxation areas, shops and bars. Main attractions: The Tomb Raider Machine: a Top Spin to asynchronous arms installed to the left of the main entrance of the Park, an area widely thematized. The uniqueness of the attraction, in addition to the scenery, is represented by the use of special effects: water fountains and fire blades (the latter for now not available) and by the fact that the program of attraction will be determined randomly by a guest from 5 possible variants/missions. An immersive music from the soundtrack of the film and videogames to Lara Croft, accompany and complement the experience. Rambo Action Show: a great show which takes place in a spectacular action set and which starred professional actors and stuntmen. Amazing special effects, suspense, scenes made in powerful military vehicles or watercraft, involve the public in times of strong emotion. Magma 2: an impressive attraction that reproduces the geothermic Magma. Unstoppable military trucks will take visitors on a tour through the streets of the notoriously difficult, but not everything goes as expected! The force of nature will rebel and triggers with all its unstoppable power, waterfalls, sudden earthquakes and explosions of fire make this the most exciting adventure of your life. Terminator 5-The Game: in this interactive attraction viewers, armed with laser guns, will be involved in the first person in some scenes of the movie starring Schwarzenegger. New special effects, robotic figures more than three metres high, actors and stuntmen will pick up the adrenaline. Type: Interactive Shooting. Stone Age: complete facelift to the area X-City dedicated to children and families with the new prehistoric-themed setting and the addition of two new attractions alongside existing ones, namely: the path to the trunks, Octopus and the mini coaster with colorful dedicated to Drake younger. The two new 2010 are: Brontojet, a family coaster with two trains from two six-seater cars and BC 10 Rocklines or a round ride Intamin (pirate ship type) by 50 places, 18 m. Police Academy: in this attraction visitors can experience the thrill of a hilarious car chase at breakneck speed, aboard simulators to 4 places tematizzati in the shape of a police car. Type: virtual Simulator. Horror House: a journey on foot, very addictive and appreciated by the audience, between scenic reconstructions of some of the most terrifying horror film of the story. Completely without light long corridors with rooms where have been reproduced scenes of the most famous horror films and wherever they may be “harassed” by actors dressed as monstrous creatures. Type: Walk Through. U-57Submarine Simulator: a simulator that reproduces a submarine of World War II in scale 1: 1. Over 30 metres in length which have been recreated all environments. The visitor will live an exciting adventure with a happy ending between airstrikes, scuba diving, heroic sailors and a valiant Commander! Type: Simulator. The Hollywood Action Tower: from the 17th floor of a building (50 m) you can experience the adrenaline of a fall in a vacuum and thus become the protagonists of the best action movie ever filmed, as real stuntmen in the best action movie! Type: Free Fall Tower. The Legend Of Zorro: this show takes place inside the restaurant of Zorro in some timetables. Dances and exciting fighting will see the impersonator Antonio Banderas in the guise of the masked Bandit. The Illusionist: an entertaining, as incredible, magic show and magic by the sorcerer Danton.