Gardaland Park is the Number 1 Amusement Park in Italy, the one with the longest history and one of the most important ones at a European Level. In 2005, the prestigious American magazine Forbes placed Gardaland Park at the fifth place among the best amusement parks in the world! Lying on the south-eastern banks of the Lake Garda, the Amusement Park is built upon themed areas reminiscent, through a careful and detailed scenographic reconstruction, of the realms of history and geography, of space and fantasy. The great variety of attractions and shows is able to satisfy a truly diversified crowd: from early childhood to adolescence all the way to third age, from groups of teenagers to families. The Park is divided into several themed areas, each characterized by a large number of attractions. For the bravest and dreamers, there is the Adventure section, while the Kingdom of the Imagination can be enjoyed in the Fantasy section. Thrill and speed lovers can try emotions in the section Energy, while at the Palablu is the magical world of dolphins. The Adventure section hosts the following attractions: Jungle Rapids, Canyons, Tunga, the Corsairs, the Valley of the Kings, Time Voyagers. The Fantasy Section provides: TransGardaland, Express, Carousel Horses, Games Area, Flying Island, Kaffeetassen, SuperBaby, Peter Pan, Monorail, video games and simulators, Arabic Souk, Fantasy Kingdom, Funny Express, the Tree of “Prezzemolo”, Doremifarm, Volaplano, Baby Corsaro, Baby. The Energy section includes: Ikarus, Magic House, Saltomatto (Baby), Colorado Boat, Sequoia Adventure, Magic Mountain, OrtoBruco Tour (Baby), Top Spin, 4D Adventure, Space Vertigo, Blue Tornado, Escape from Atlantis.