Welcome to Wellness Spa Garda Thermae Arco – On the shores of Garda Lake is born a structure able to combine the advantages of thermal waters with all the amenities of a modern wellness and beauty center. In one structure, many opportunities to get closer to the true well-being, under the guidance of experts, who will help you to know and respect the balance of your body. Garda Thermae is a modern and welcoming center for the psychological well-being, health and beauty. In a single structure you can take care of your body, taking time to yourselves, in a quiet and peaceful place. A team of qualified professionals is available to recommend specific and personalized programs. A state of living characterized by relaxation, in hot water bath, soft light games, essences that evoke nature, and regenerating massages. The choice of material, equipment and machinery expresses the Garda Thermae philosophy: offering what is good for health, in a hygienic and safe context, in order to create a welcoming environment for customers and operators. Our areas of wellness:
Their correct use provides important benefits for blood circulation, respiration and skin, it helps to release tension built up and improves the resistance to the season flues. A reinterpretation in modern, elegant and refined key of the classical saunas. The whole area has been designed with shapes, materials and furniture to facilitate the cleaning of the environment and avoiding stagnation of water; materials were selected to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Every detail, space management, the use of lights, colors and woods are designed with care to ensure maximum relaxation. In Garda Thermae you can choose the type of sauna and wellness program more appropriate to you.
Pool and Gym
Regular targeted physical activity is the first ingredient to keep yourself in good health. In every season you have the possibility of a bath in hot water at about 32 ° C, with an indoor steel, inside and outside, and three pools: Salt pool, Infants, and Relax. Physical activities for all ages, fun, relaxing, and motor recovery are our proposals.
The so-called imperfections are often a reflection of imbalance. Our beauticians will help you to love much yourself and to better you lifestyle. Five bright and spacious cabins with all amenities and first-rate technology, programs and beauty treatments. For emotional treatments, two cabins in the “sauna area”: the first one with a modern Hammam bench, the second with a bed of quartz sand heated.
Medical Spa
A team of doctors, in cooperation with other operators of the structure, to provide customers with specific programs depending on the goals they want to achieve or who want to solve problems. Medical specialists are available for advice in various areas such as physiatry, orthopedics, dietetics. It will be a first visit, be recommended but not required, to introduce the customer to custom wellness programs, assuming that all of its services give benefits especially when measured on the individual.
Water to serve the health of the skin, directly from the Fonte Linfano.
The bar is available to internal users and to external customers and offers delicious proposals, including light meals, salads and fresh sandwiches, snacks, smoothies, centrifuges of seasonal fruits, drinks and ice cream. Garda Thermae, for those who love taking care of themselves and for those looking for a nice break from the stresses of everyday life.