Costermano is situated in the north-east of the province of Verona, between Torri del Benaco and Garda – It was an ancient feud of the monastery of St Julia at Brescia – It is located as if it were a balcony facing the Lake Garda in the heart of the morainal amphitheatre. The hamlets of Marciaga overlooking the Lake Garda from Castion at the foot of Belpo and Albarè in the plain of Tasso frame the village of Costermano.
Here you can find many gorgeous and charming places. At Marciaga you should visit the seventeenth-century Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Aid and some charming rocks with rupestrian inscriptions from where you can have a marvellous view over the Lake Garda. At Castion are located the Romanesque little Church of St Verolo, the elegant Villa Pellegrini Cipolla and the Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene with a beautiful ancona by Brusasorci. At Albarè – the native village of the Olympic discus thrower Adolfo Consolini – are located: the twelfth-century little Church of SS Fermo and Rustico, of rural Romanesque style, the chapel dates back to the XII century. It has been recently restored. Outside you can see the little belfry, the churchyard and the remains of the old cemetery and the enchanting Villa Torri-Giuliari with a wide park where among other beauties you can find two little oaks, counted in a census as the oldest in the Province of Verona. In Costermano – Country house Becelli-Rizzardi – The first palace was built in the XV century. At the back you can find the park surrounded by luxuriant plants. The building has two embattled angular towers and an arc portal. The Mills Valley, crossed by the Tesina stream, is a beautiful setting for an energetic walk. The name comes from the several mills which in past times used the stream to develop the local agricultural production. In Castion – Country House Pellegrini – The present building, built in 1760 has a red central three-storey body, with two lateral towers. Its rooms are rich in paintings and decorations. In Marciaga – Golf Cà degli Ulivi – In the territory of Marciaga and Castion there is one of the most beautiful Golf-courses, closely surrounded by unique scenery: a magnificent artificial terrace facing Lake Garda. In Costermano – “The Peace Hill” – On the slope “Le Guardie”, in front of Lake Garda, you find the German Military cemetery, where approx. 22.000 German soldiers of the II° World War were buried. The third most important by extension War Cemetery in Italy. Every year in November a commemorative ceremony is held.