Aquaria is the new wellness center at Terme di Sirmione. It has swimming pools, hydromassages, cromatic showers, a gym and much more. Aquaria is the ideal place to relax and rediscover your psycho-physical balance, your energy, your beauty and your inner harmony. A trip through the most authentic and vital sensations, an exciting experience in which time is suspended. It is where you can gently reveal body and mind, feeling them melt into one single embrace. The first element is the thermal water that is rich in trace elements. The second is the experience of Terme di Sirmione, that has created a unique wellness centre. Not only Spa waters. The roots of the thermal tradition can be found in the culture of the Roman empire: Aquaria has been renewed by medical research in the field of wellness and by technology. The sophisticated, modern structure of the thermal wellness centre was designed to offer guests a place where they can relax and rediscover beauty, energy, psycho-physical balance and harmony. From the thermal pools, with hydromassages, effervescent beds, swan-neck jets, aromo-chromatic showers and vascular program, you can go on to the wellness cabins, where you can enjoy beauty and health treatments, or to the gym, with all the most modern equipment. Medical consultants have studied precise sequences, that help the guests obtain the best possible result. The efficiency and professionalism of the staff at Terme di Sirmione help the guests select their target and the best program to achieve it. Relaxing in the thermal water with a splendid view of Lake Garda, that bathes Aquaria in its splendid light and with its wonderful sunsets, guests rediscover not only their wellness but also a sense of inner calm that will stay with them for a long time, together with the benefits of the thermal water. The Entrance to Aquaria includes the entrance to the thermal pools among effervescent beds, hydromassages, vascular program, aromochromatic showers and welcome set (bath robe and bath cap). Read more