Caneva Aquapark Lazise is a water park located on Lake Garda, which provides an area of about 100,000 square meters. attractions typical of parks set in a film set; here you will find the large volcano film set in Los Angeles, you can meet the Pirates of the Caribbean and the girls of Baywatch. Four major themes that develop in the Park through different shows and attractions to create four thematic areas: Adventure Island: the area of Movieland Aquastudios with the world’s most breathtaking slides and five legendary thrill rides, all to try! Violent volcanoes and overwhelming streams that have shaped the wild nature. BabyLagoon: ferocious pirates, ancient galleons and castaways drifting at the mercy of sharks hardened. Fun and animation assured until late evening for smaller, in the most complete security and peace of mind for parents. Relax Beach: the relaxation area of Movieland Aquastudios where you can experience the thrill of walking barefoot on hot sand Caribbean and cradled by the waves in the tranquil waters of the Bay. The sun or under the shade of a palm tree, to choose their own ways to relax. Fun River: Dive, swim, play, spend hours and hours in the company. Large swimming pools and many attractions to enjoy the soft water at will.