Centomiglia is an important regatta that will take place on 10th and 11th September 2011 on Lake Garda. It is the longest inland waters regatta of Europe, but also the oldest Italian regatta. The first edition took place in 1951, with 17 boats participating. That time Airone – whose skipper was Umberto Peretti Colò from Venezia – won. The track changes depending on the type and the length of the boats, but it usually goes from Bogliaco up to Torbole, then southwards and finally back to Bogliaco. There are always many participants, both Italian and foreign – in the last years, there have been around 200 boats, but sometimes they were even more than 300. Watching the boats that leave the small port of Bogliaco is a beautiful experience: the white sails stand out against the sky, while the boats float on the water and the sun shines. In September there are always other interesting events in the towns of Lake Garda: concerts, markets, exhibitions and much more. The regatta is thus a unique opportunity to visit the beautiful Lake Garda, to taste the local food and to know more about this region.

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