Christmas Markets among the olive trees from 18/11/2011 to 08/01/2012. Let yourself be carried by the songs, the lights, the flavors and you’ll be captivated by Christmas, fresh and sparkling Christmas trees between Lake Garda. A charming display of the original lakeside gardens decorated with Christmas, the nativity, the large dining area where you can taste traditional dishes. And from Friday 7 to Sunday, December 11, 2011 Capital of the Garda radish winter flower. To do the lion’s share the Radicchio that can be enjoyed in the most popular dishes that the protagonist: the classic risotto, grilled radicchio mixed with sausage, the salad of radicchio. You can also taste a typical sweet of the province: the sbrisolona. For lovers of good food, 8 Wednesday and Sunday, December 11 will have the opportunity to participate in guided tastings, exploring the peculiarities of local products, which will be enhanced by matching proposed by experts. Programme

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