From 18th to 22nd October 2012 will take place the eighth edition of ArtVerona. The fair that forges ahead with its aims for renewal by trying out new approaches to the market for operators in the sector as well as collectors: • With ArtVerona Easy Area, the new section of galleries proposing works costing 6,000 Euros or less, as has already been announced by
• With ArtVeronaYoung, a new project, undertaken together with ASTER, aimed at bringing children into contact with art, not just with workshops, but also with itineraries and works made specifically for them;
• With INDEPENDENTS3, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo. A project by Fuoribiennale which, for this edition of the fair, besides independent creative organizations – non-profit spaces, associations, foundations, cooperatives – will also open a corner for contemporary art bloggers;
• With On Stage – I Benandanti, curated by Andrea Bruciati, which this year will focus on curatorial interests by inviting I Benandanti, nine young critics/curators; each will choose two artists with whom to exchange ideas in a talk about the delicate relationship between curators, artists, and purchasers in the current art system. Read more

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